Zero Carbon Point

Project Partners: Lifelong Learning,Vocational Training and Development Association, Aegean Forest Foundation, RENAC energy & climate gGmbH
Project Associates: Karşıyaka Municipality
Project Implementation Period: 01.04.2019-30.06.2020 / 15 Months
Project Location: İzmir-Turkey, Berlin-Germany
Project Budget: 210,453 EURO
Grant Contribution Rate: 90%

The objective of the project carried out within the scope of the Civil Society Dialogue Between Turkey and the European Union CSD-V Grant Program is to contribute to the sustainable dialogue established between non-governmental organizations in Turkey and EU member states by creating a carbon awareness point. “Zero Carbon Point Training Center”, where best practice examples on the adaptation of renewable energy sector components to daily life and the efficient use of natural resources are exhibited and activities that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can be seen on-site, was established in scope of the project.

The Center, which has the potential to create environmental and social impact by using education, which is one of the strongest elements of sustainable development, aims to train young leaders who think ecologically on climate change adaptation, understand natural systems and act together. An interactive training program was prepared with new generation training equipment on climate action, clean and sustainable energy, zero carbon economy, waste management, green economy, European Union Environment and Energy policies to be implemented in Zero Carbon Point Training Center. The management of the Center and the coordination of trainings are ensured by the Aegean Forest Foundation.