Next Generations Should Not Say "There Are No Forests"
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Aegean Forest Foundation is a public benefit foundation which was founded in 1995. Being a volunteer foundation, it was founded with the principle of creating new forest areas, protecting forests and spreading green consciousness among society. Afforestation works are being carried out all over the country within state forests and areas belonging to public institutions. The Foundation aims to leave a more livable world for the next generations by planting 14 million trees in 88 thousand decares. Planted saplings are protected until they grow and become a natural part of the forests.

President’s Message

Dear Nature Fans,
As many of us know, urbanization, global warming, climate change, desertification and increased forest fires are among the main elements damaging the balance of nature. It is crucial to enable the “protection-use balance” so that next generations may benefit from the opportunities offered by nature and the species may continue to exist.

I believe that in order to take a step forward and implement policies for sustainable development and environment, the role of governments, local governments, private sector, and especially civic society gains great importance.

Chairman of the Board

Cem Bakioğlu


11 Haziran 2024

25 Aralık 2023

06 Kasım 2023