E-Waste, Creating Forests through Wastes

“Let's Recycle, Let Nature Win”

We recycle your waste electrical and electronic equipment and we create new forest areas and provide nature trainings.
In our country, 500 thousand tons of electronic waste is produced every year, and this figure increases by 10 percent every year.

Many heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury are found in electronic devices, therefore it is important that electronic devices that have become waste are collected separately at their source and recycled in order to reduce their effects on the environment and human health.

The objective of our project is to create a sustainable and livable environment by encouraging the recycling of electronic waste, especially for individuals, industry and business world.
Within the scope of the project, electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), metals, packaging (plastic barrels) that will be collected at the waste collection points will be sent for recycling and recovery. Electric and electronic wastes will be recycled in accordance with the standards by Erbey Waste Management, a Ministry-licensed company, harmful substances such as mercury, lead, phosphorus, CFC gas in the content of the said waste will be separated and disposed of, and materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, plastic will be recycled to be reused.

The Waste Management company will make donations to Aegean Forest Foundation for saplings and nature trainings in exchange for electrical and electronic wastes coming from nature-lover individuals and institutions with the “Let's Recycle, Let Nature Win” campaign.
In addition to being a resource-generating project for EOV, the “Let's Recycle, Let Nature Win” campaign is an important step for the protection of nature. Within the scope of the campaign, all kinds of electronic waste such as desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets, printers and monitors, computer parts, display and music systems, electrical and electronic household appliances, cables and adapters can be donated.

For detailed information, you can call 0 232 463 80 80, or send an e-mail to

People, institutions and companies that support the “Let's Recycle, Let Nature Win” Campaign Creating Forests through Wastes Project will take the lead in Turkey's "green economy", "Zero Waste" "recycling and recovery" targets with their environmentally friendly practices in their sectors.

All together for the Creating Forests through Wastes Project “Let's Transform, Nature Win” campaign!

With the awareness and wishes of contributing to the society we live in, future generations and our planet...