Next Generations Should Not Say "There Are No Forests"
So That Forests Can Live
Our Olive Grove


The Aegean Region which is in the west of Turkey has a typical Mediterranean climate and flora. İzmir which is the third biggest city of Turkey and is also an important commercial harbor is the capital of the region.

President’s Message

Dear Nature Fans,
As many of us know, urbanization, global warming, climate change, desertification and increased forest fires are among the main elements damaging the balance of nature. It is crucial to enable the “protection-use balance” so that next generations may benefit from the opportunities offered by nature and the species may continue to exist.

I believe that in order to take a step forward and implement policies for sustainable development and environment, the role of governments, local governments, private sector, and especially civic society gains great importance.

Chairman of the Board

Cem Bakioğlu


01 Temmuz 2021

18 Haziran 2021

24 Ağustos 2020