Sancaklı Village Project

Project Partners: Karşıyaka District Governorship Union for Providing Services to Villages, Karşıyaka Public Education Directorate, Aegean Agricultural Research Directorate, İzmir Beekeepers' Association, İzmir Provincial Directorate of Environment and Forestry, İzmir Commodity Exchange
Project Associates: Ege TV, İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture
Project Implementation Period: 06.07.2011-06.05.2012 / 10 Months
Project Location: İzmir- Turkey
Project Budget: 166.632.55 TL
Grant Contribution Rate: 90%

Within the scope of İzmir Development Agency's Economic Diversity in Rural Areas Financial Support Program, a modern bee products packaging facility was established in the Sancaklı forest village of Karşıyaka District in order to create employment opportunities in rural areas, to contribute to the increase of agriculture-based industry and to diversify the economy in rural areas.

Within the scope of the project, 725 beekeepers in 6 districts of İzmir were provided with training on the production techniques and marketing of bee products having high economic value in their hives such as pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom, as well as honey. Along with the aforementioned vocational trainings, 8 people, 5 of whom are women, were given training on packaging, the use of equipment and machinery, and employment opportunities for 5 people were provided in the selected facility, which is within equal distance to all regional beekeepers. The facility is still operated by Karşıyaka Municipality and Doğançay Agricultural Development Cooperative, and the Breakfast House established in the garden of the facility continues its activities.