Our Olive Grove

The Aegean Forest Foundation is a non-governmental organization which was founded in 1995 by Cem BAKİOĞLU with the principle of planting trees, combating desertification and flood, saving forests and awakening ‘green’ consciousness to be widespread in every part of the society. 

Aegean Forest Foundation is supported by institutions, non-governmental organizations and sensitive individuals.

Since 1995, EOV provided 9 million of saplings to the forests.  Each planted sapling was being upkept until 5 years and was provided that they become a tree and a natural part of the forest.

In order to provide the sustainable income to those activities, 30.000 olive trees were planted in an area of 900 decares in 2002 in İzmir-Menderes Oğlanağası Town, which is an exemplary olive plantation site and in which innovative technologies and practices reducing soil degradation are employed.

It bears the obligation of developing the consciousness and welfare of the local people by giving priority to employment of local residents.

Giving great importance to the balance of ecology, the Foundation uses only solar power energy obtained from the solar power plant for the olive grove.

In addition, it is aimed to provide public health by making production within the scope of good farming practices in the Foundation’s Olive Grove.

Aegean Forest Foundation uses the income obtained from delicious and hygienic products offered to its consumers for plantation activities.

The products of olive grove which are mostly table olive and extra virgin olive oil, are processed with traditional and natural methods.

The natural products of the Foundation are presented for sale in national and international markets. Franchising is granted both nationally and internationally.

The difference of the products of Aegean Forest Foundation from their equals is that they are harvested from one and only garden, flavored in a single store under the same conditions, supervised by an expert team for quality and taste continuity; and the income obtained from the products is turned back to the nature by planting new trees.