Step by Step Ecotourism

Project Associates: Menderes District Governorship, Bornova Municipality, Bakioğlu Holding A.Ş., Ege TV
Project Implementation Period: 09.07.2010 –09.05.2011/ 10 Months
Project Location: İzmir-Turkey
Project Budget: 139,376.97 TL
Grant Contribution Rate: 90%

Within the scope of Izmir Development Agency Tourism and Environment Financial Support Program, arrangements were made for the development of alternative tourism areas such as ecotourism, rural tourism and nature sports on the routes of Efemçukuru-Çatalca in Menderes district and Karagöl-Kayadibi in Bornova district in order to contribute to the diversification and development of İzmir region in terms of tourism.

On the routes determined within the scope of the project, walking paths in the forest were determined and the track map was drawn, the flora and fauna inventory of the region was made, the physical conditions of the tracks were improved in harmony with nature, eco tourism offices were arranged, and eco-markets were created. In addition, awareness raising activities on eco-tourism were carried out in the villages where the tracks are located, and trainings on eco-product preparation and field guidance were given. Since the project was completed in 2011, more than 4,000 members registered to Mountaineering Clubs under İzmir Mountaineering Federation have included these two routes in their annual hiking programs, and the 8 and 12 km long tracks in the forest are still actively used.