Menderes Basin Project

Project Partners: Menderes District Governorship, İzmir Provincial Directorate of Environment and Forestry, Social Life Development Association
Project Associates: Bakioğlu Holding A.Ş., Ege TV
Project Implementation Period: 07.07.2009-07.05.2010/ 9 Months
Project Location: İzmir- Turkey
Project Budget: 136,814.67 TL
Grant Contribution Rate: 75%

Within the scope of the İzmir Development Agency Social Development Financial Support Program, trainings were given to the local people, primarily women, living in the forest villages of Yeniköy and Çatalca in the Menderes District of İzmir, making them producers and supporting their economic, social, and cultural development. In the two villages included in the project, 80 people, 57 of whom are women, were provided 48 hours of theoretical and 48 hours of practical Forestry and Ornamental Plants Sapling Cultivation and Qualified Forest Worker trainings.

A polyphonic music concert was given by the State Symphony Orchestra on 29.09.2009 in Çatalca Village, with the participation of the Minister of Culture, under the event of "18 Villages 1 Concert", and the project was introduced to the press and more than 2000 guests. Trainees who are certified with the project contribute significantly to their families' livelihoods by growing saplings in their gardens or in a small part of their fields.