E-Voc Test Center

Project Partners: National Olive and Olive Oil Council (UZZK)
Project Associates: İzmir Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, General Directorate of Lifelong Learning Vocational Training Center in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, EGE TV
Project Implementation Period: 01.02.2016-31.10.2017 / 21 Months
Project Location: İzmir-Turkey
Project Budget: 227,026 EURO
Grant Contribution Rate: 90%

The objective of the project carried out within the scope of the Voc-Test Centers-II Grant Program opened under the Human Resources Development Operational Program IPA Component IV of the European Union and Financial Aids Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is to develop a qualified and certified workforce in the food sector, to support the lifelong learning process and to facilitate the harmonization of the National Qualifications Framework with the European Qualifications Framework. Within the scope of the project, 3 (three) National Occupational Standards (16UMS0556-4, 16UMS0559-4 and 16UMS0560-4) and National Competence (17UY0294- 4, 17UY0295-4 and 17UY0293-4) in the 4th Level "Olive Oil Production Operator", "Fermented Product Production Operator" and "Taster" professions in Food Industry were prepared, the mentioned qualifications were approved by the Vocational Qualifications Authority and added to the Turkish Qualifications Framework organized in the Department of European Qualifications Framework.

Vocational Qualification Examination and Certification Center was established to provide examination and certification services for the professions of Olive Oil Production Operator, Fermented Product Production Operator (Olive, Vinegar, Pickle, Wine) and Tasting (Olive Oil, Table Olive and Wine) professions, accredited by TÜRKAK, and authorized by Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK). The Center, which has given Vocational Qualification Certificates to 10 candidates in the taster profession, continues its activities under İzmir Commodity Exchange Laboratory R&D and Consultancy Services Inc. (İZLADAŞ).