Carbon-Free Flights

You can easily calculate the carbon emissions of your corporate and individual flights and neutralize your carbon footprint by donating saplings.
By calculating the carbon footprint of your flights on the website, you can find out the number of saplings you need to plant for neutralization, and if you wish, you can be directed to our Aegean Forest Foundation page to donate saplings.

What is Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint is the sum of the amount of carbon dioxide that each individual causes to be emitted directly or indirectly to the nature as a result of various daily activities. Daily routines have an impact on our carbon footprint. But for many of us, our flights have the biggest share in our individual carbon emissions.

Turkey in terms of carbon emissions and footprints

According to research, the average annual carbon footprint per person in Turkey is over 4 tons. This figure is close to the world average. However, the country with the highest increase in carbon emissions compared to the 1990 level is Turkey, and our country is among the countries that consume its natural resources more than their rate of renewal.

What can I do to compensate for my carbon footprint?

Carbon compensation is to meet the released emissions with an equivalent CO2 savings. The most effective way to balance or reduce the amount of carbon is to plant or donate trees and protect forest areas.

What effect does tree planting have on global warming?

Trees trap carbon dioxide gas in its body through photosynthesis and transform it into organic substances, so it absorbs the existing carbon dioxide in the air and releases the remaining oxygen back to nature after absorbing the carbon. Trees are one of the most powerful methods we have in reducing the effects of global warming, as they absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in this way, among other numerous benefits to nature, living life and human beings. It is a proven and natural method.

What is the impact of commercial flights on carbon emissions?

Transportation has the second important share in the total carbon footprint with 19%. The share of the flight sector in transportation emissions is 12% and it is increasing rapidly. 80% of flight emissions are emitted during long-haul flights. If you use the airline for your business and leisure trips, it means that these flights make up the majority of your carbon footprint. For example, with a trip from Turkey to the USA or Thailand, your only round-trip flight is almost equal to the annual carbon footprint of an average individual. Moreover, since the greenhouse gases emitted by airplanes are released into the atmosphere at high altitudes, the effect is many times greater.