Education Projects

The Foundation works for enhancing the public consciousness through practices and trainings in order to ensure sustainability, to adapt novel technologies for prevention of forest fires, land degradation, desertification, reclamation of flood basins, climate change; protection of biological diversity, rural development and lower carbon emission; and extension of renewable energy and energy efficiency practices.

Educational Institutions

Aegean Forest Foundation collaborates with the Provincial Directorate of National Education as per the training protocols every year on desertification, land loss and drought, water use, forest fires and energy efficiency at schools and implements training works on related subjects to students. It conducts awareness-raising works with appropriate educational models for target audiences.


Aegean Forest Foundation’s  Cooperation with Universities- CONTEST

The cooperation of Aegean Forest Foundation and Ege University, Faculty of Communication organizes contests for poster design and commercial  production among undergraduates in the faculties of communication and fine arts in universities in and around Izmir.

Workshop for Disabled Individuals – Nature Training

While it is very easy to have an access to many social activities for certain groups, it is not always possible for the disadvantageous population, most of whom are disabled individuals and children from the orphanage, to participate in many rehabilitation activities in nature.

Aegean Forest Foundation worked to activate the role played by women in rural areas affected by drought in Menderes. It carried out certified training works on “forest and ornamental plant sapling growing and qualified forestry labor”. The local people, women in particular, have been awarded certificates on the forestry and ornamental plant sapling growing and qualified forestry labor.

Aegean Forest Foundation ‘s  Cooperation with  Business World

Posing a risk for future, climate change leads people to choose the companies being solution partners rather than the ones jeopardizing the future of the world. In the process of shifting to sustainable business models, it is important to raise awareness in customers and suppliers. We, as a Foundation, do trainings on sectoral basis.

Aegean Forest Foundation’s  Cooperation with Local Governments

Raising the public awareness is vital for cities in increasing their adaptation capacity to the effects of global climate change.
Aegean Forest Foundation carries out its trainings for consciousness-raising in cooperation with municipalities.

Educational Booklets